Zone Out

Madison Square Park, 8:00 PM

New York City

An evening walk in New York City to see the Flatiron Building led us to Madison Square Park.  We decided to take a break and sit on one of the many benches.

The park was bustling with people.  Everyone was taking advantage of the beautiful evening with a treat from the Shake Shack.  Since the line-up was too long, we abstained to what would have been a memorable ice cream sundae.

In the midst of the crowds, sat a young man who was completely oblivious to his surroundings.  I watched him in the same pose for a lengthy period of time and wondered what he was doing.  Was it some sort of meditation or was he was getting prepared for some yoga?  I admired the fellow’s trust in his surroundings and how he could zone out whatever was happening around him.

Joani’s Kitchen

My current cooking interests are about par with ironing clothes.  I know I need to iron that cotton shirt before I can wear it.  However, I’ll look in my closet for something else to wear.

If I serve baked beans as part of an evening meal.  I question whether I need to heat the beans while I open the can.

Spending two weeks with my friend, Joan, gave me an idea of what I was lacking…enthusiasm.  Joani’s the type of person that when I hover over the supermarket cooler to decide which cheesecake to get for dessert, she would say “Why buy, when we can make it?”

Joani’s kitchen doesn’t allow a lot of room for baking and/or cooking.  The working counter space is what you see between the sink and the bread maker.  The atmosphere is homey and comfortable.  She works that kitchen like Dario Franchitti driving the Indy 500…with speedy precision and accuracy.

She introduced me to Boursin Cheese.  She told me how to make brown sugar and spreadable butter.

After two weeks of incredible cooking, I thought I would get that enthusiasm back.  But alas, I didn’t.

As I open my can of beans, I wonder if I should heat them up.