The longest relationship I’ve had with a non-living entity would be with “Mug”.

Purchased in the summer of 1974 in Edmonton, Alberta, it has been by my side ever since.  Certainly, there are other possessions that have been with me longer.  However, they sit hidden in cupboards, drawers, boxes, and places where they will probably remain until the day I die.  I don’t have a day to day relationship with these things.

It is the relationship I have with “Mug”.  It is fiercely loyal.  It is there every morning waiting to hold my coffee when I read the morning paper.  It has been there when I may not been feeling good and need a shot of NeoCitron.  It has been there when I want a cup of hot chocolate or tea to ward off the cold prairie winters.

There is an understanding in my household that I’m the only one that uses “Mug”.  It sits amongst all the other mugs in the cupboard, but Rod will always bypass it and use another one.

“Mug” has been there when I met Rod,  when we got married, when we bought our first house, when Amber was born.  I would use it everyday during those times.

Me and “Mug”, BFF.