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  • Sam

    Tom (Sam) Hergott Dec 5, 1950 – Dec 7, 2002 I’ve known Sam since High School.  I was a freshman and he was a senior.  Our first interaction was  a car wash during frosh week.  The naive freshies were corralled together to wash all the seniors’ cars.  I viewed the Seniors from afar with awe. […]

  • I’m the King of the Castle

    “I’m the King of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal!”   In my youth, this was a common phrase we would scream when one of us got to stand at the top of a snow pile. These snowplow creations were evident in many parking lots around town after a heavy snowfall.  As youngsters, these […]

  • Joani’s Kitchen

    My current cooking interests are about par with ironing clothes.  I know I need to iron that cotton shirt before I can wear it.  However, I’ll look in my closet for something else to wear. If I serve baked beans as part of an evening meal.  I question whether I need to heat the beans […]

  • Jumping the Clouds

    As kids, we would play a game in the neighborhood.  Since the name of the game is considered politically incorrect, I will call it “good guy chases bad guy”.  This was a more elaborate game of tag as we had our toy guns and water pistols. I remembered being the victim of a shooting and […]