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  • Amber, The Happy Camper

    A recent camping trip made me revisit a memory which occurred in the year 1983. We had gone to Waskesui Lake for the annual family camping trip.  We acquired a campsite right next to the washroom facilities for a possible Amber bathroom emergency.  Amber, at the age of 3, was fully toilet trained but my […]

  • Children and their Parents

    The quiet moments and enthusiasm between parent and child are shown in the set of six photos. The excitement at sporting events such as the Rider Green and White Day, LA Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. The quiet moments at the Japanese Tea Garden and Tijuana. A child spinning an umbrella beside her mother at […]

  • A Canola Backdrop

    The Crooked Bush, just outside of Hepburn, Saskatchewan July 24th, 2010 4:25 PM The canola field sits just on the edge of The Crooked Bush.  Amber, with camera in hand, was taking closeups of the canola.  I, on the other hand, was taking distant shots.  This is my baby against a colorful backdrop.