A Bright Fog

Along the New Navy Base Road near West Humboldt.

Eureka, CA.

September 10, 2009  8:48 PM

We had decided to explore Eureka and discovered this area which is on a little strip of land separated from Eureka by the Arcata Bay.

The heavy fog had a brightness to it because the sun had not set.  It was calm but yet spooky.   You felt like you were in a horror movie where a ghost sailor would emerge from the fog and screams “BEWARE!”.  However, the feeling is broken when a young family of four scooted by on their ATVs.  The youngsters had on bright little helmuts and their colored flags were flying.  Their laughter displayed the fun they were having.  I wish I could have joined them.

This is my favourite picture of this adventure.

My husband Rod (right) and our buddy Rod (left)