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  • That Perfect Moment

    Perfect moments are few and far between in our lives and when they do, you savour it and you replay it in your memory forever and ever. Picture this.  It’s late evening and you’re sitting on your patio or balcony.  A steaming cup of Capuccino alongside a piece of cheesecake is waiting to be consumed.  The […]

  • Mr. Bojangles at the Santa Monica Pier

    Los Angeles, CA September 3, 2009  2:00 PM The best rendition of “Mr. Bojangles” ever performed was by Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. In my opinion, the second best rendition is by a unknown performer at the end of the Santa Monica Pier.    His setup was not the stage of a high class music hall […]

  • Hollywood Bowl Surprise

    Hollywood Bowl, CA September 2, 2009  7:25 PM The 2009 Jazz series at the Hollywood Bowl with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, John Scofield, Chaka Khan, Jean-Luc Ponty and John Connors. The setting was the Hollywood Bowl.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  A full moon hovered over a calm evening with temperatures hovering around […]

  • Paul McCartney

    Denver, CO. July 15, 2010  11:00 PM I saw Paul McCartney.  Now I can die happy. What makes a person so powerful that it can turn an arena full of adults into screaming giddy schoolgirls? I grew up with Paul.  He was there when I had my first big city experience.  We had taken a […]