Dress Code

Spokane, WA.

July 26, 2007

The “Dress Code” sign was located in the window of a downtown bar in Spokane WA.  As crudely written as it was, it got to the point.  The presentation in itself emphasized the message.  I wonder if it had been professionally done with proper grammar and neatly printed whether it would have had the same effect.

This establishment meant what it conveyed.  Even as this picture was being taken, a staff member came out and asked if he can help us.  We explained our appreciation of the sign and he left us alone.

The following is what the message says (the picture is not clear enough)


– No gang colors or gang logos

– No overly baggy pants, shorts or shirts

– No DU-Rags/Wave Caps or Bandanas

– Shirt and Shoes REQUIRED

No “Wife-Beaters”/Jerseys

Also –

– No Harassment of staff or patrons

– No Swaying, Passing Out or Puking

We reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE!!!