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  • That Perfect Moment

    Perfect moments are few and far between in our lives and when they do, you savour it and you replay it in your memory forever and ever. Picture this.  It’s late evening and you’re sitting on your patio or balcony.  A steaming cup of Capuccino alongside a piece of cheesecake is waiting to be consumed.  The […]

  • A Beautiful Hardship

    North West of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan July 11, 2010  Between 1:00 and 5:00 PM From the air, you see colored patterns that are not created by an artist but a farmer trying to make a living.  Their purpose is to make what they can with the waterlogged fields that nature gave them.  Instead of straight lines, […]

  • Sausalito to San Francisco

    San Francisco September 6, 2009 6:00 PM   We rode our rented bikes from San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf to Sausalito over the Golden Gate Bridge.  The bike rentals included a free return trip to Fisherman’s Wharf using the Ferry service. There must have been over 200 bikes squeezed together like sardines.  I give the staff […]