One “Magic” Christmas

Our first pet, “Magic”, was a delicate creature in spite of her wolfish appearance.  She was a Canadian Champion and won the biggest crown of “Best in Show”.   She maintained the dignity befitting that title.

The retired show dog was given to us on a trial basis.  We were to keep her for a couple of weeks and if it didn’t go well, she can be returned.  It is obvious the outcome of those two weeks.

It was a Christmas in the early eighties.  We were on our way to see Santa at the mall.  Rod had wanted Amber to ask for “Robotix” instead of “My Little Pony” (full of baloney, as he would add).  He should have worked for an advertising agency as his campaign convinced Amber to do just that.  Perched on Santa’s knee, the small voice of a five-year old squeaked out “Robotix”.  The shock in Santa’s eyes as he looked upon this delicate little creature asking for a toy meant for a ten-year old boy.  Little did he know that the ten-year old boy was standing on the side, beaming at his little girl.  Amber didn’t have a clue what she asking for.

For those of you that don’t know.  “Robotix” was a line of modular construction kits  that you make into Robots.  Some come complete with motors to allow electronic movement from a wired remote.

Leading up to Christmas Eve, we had decided to give this “Robotix” gift from Santa already assembled.  Rod’s Christmas came early as he spent days hidden in the basement putting together the robots.  Of course, he had to add some extra electronic gadgetry to the remote.

Christmas eve had arrived and Amber scooted off to bed early leaving Santa the standard Heineken and cookies.  Santa doesn’t get milk at our place.

This was the same Christmas we decided to give “Magic” her own special present…a bag full of doggie treats.

Approximately 2:00 in the morning, we were awaken by the sound of the Robotix motors.  Letting out a groan, we thought Amber had attacked her Christmas gifts.  Finding her still asleep, we thought the Robotix had magically came to life.

Instead, we discover Magic attacking her Christmas present with one of her paws pushing down on the Robotix remote.  As she happily devoured her scrumptious treats, the R-2000 series was destroying the earth with it’s little robot hands.

Magic was the “magical that came to our lives”.

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