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  • I’m the King of the Castle

    “I’m the King of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal!”   In my youth, this was a common phrase we would scream when one of us got to stand at the top of a snow pile. These snowplow creations were evident in many parking lots around town after a heavy snowfall.  As youngsters, these […]

  • The Endurance Marathon

    Grand Central Station  (This was taken moments after getting off the shuttle) November 2, 2012 at 10:30 PM EST The cancellation of the New York Marathon due to Hurricane Sandy had become a test of endurance for us. The week leading up to the Marathon, we watched closely the damages and heartaches that were caused […]

  • Mug

    The longest relationship I’ve had with a non-living entity would be with “Mug”. Purchased in the summer of 1974 in Edmonton, Alberta, it has been by my side ever since.  Certainly, there are other possessions that have been with me longer.  However, they sit hidden in cupboards, drawers, boxes, and places where they will probably […]

  • The Coke Box

    In the Chinese tradition, it is expected for family members to pitch in and work at the family business.  As with many Asian families, this was the cafe. At our cafe, we were always well-stocked with all the chocolate bars, potato chips, pop, and cigarettes.  It was my job to work at the cash register […]

  • Dad

    l to r.  Unknown little girl, my Mother, my oldest sister “Lucy” on my paternal Grandmother’s lap, my Father The last time I was with my Dad, I was 5 months old.  Since I’ve seen photos of him, I knew he existed. When my family immigrated to Canada 56 years ago, he stayed in China […]

  • Amber, The Happy Camper

    A recent camping trip made me revisit a memory which occurred in the year 1983. We had gone to Waskesui Lake for the annual family camping trip.  We acquired a campsite right next to the washroom facilities for a possible Amber bathroom emergency.  Amber, at the age of 3, was fully toilet trained but my […]

  • Children and their Parents

    The quiet moments and enthusiasm between parent and child are shown in the set of six photos. The excitement at sporting events such as the Rider Green and White Day, LA Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. The quiet moments at the Japanese Tea Garden and Tijuana. A child spinning an umbrella beside her mother at […]

  • My Canadian Family

    Five months after my birth  I arrived on Canadian soil.  My mother tells me that I slept through the whole trip from Hong Kong to Humboldt.  Growing up in a Chinese restaurant, I had my afternoon naps in the midst and commotion of dishes, cutlery and loud voices placing food orders.  When I say I […]