The “Frosty”

It’s a Thursday late afternoon.  It’s the time when we take our grandson, Beckett, to his 5:30 diving class.  It takes about 15 to 25 minutes depending upon the traffic.  Most times we talk about the different cars we see and Beckett would give a technical description of the vehicle.

This day, our conversation was about our memories and why we forget some things and remember other things.  He compared it to a shelf full of books.  When we need to add a book, or in this case a memory, we have to remove a book to make room.  The books we remove are the memories we forget.

Beckett stated the memories he keeps are the funny situations that he experienced when he’s with us.  One that keeps coming up on his mind (and we still get a good laugh) occurred a couple of years ago when we visited Wendy’s for an afternoon treat on a hot summer’s day.  He had seen an ad for “Frosty” and wanted to try one.  Rod nor I knew what a “Frosty” was.  I think we both thought they were milkshakes and since they came in a drink container, confirmed our suspicion.  Little did we know, we were wrong.  Before we departed from the take-out window, I stated to Rod that we did not receive straws but spoons.  Rod than asked the server for straws.  The Wendy employee looked at us in a state of “You’re joking, right?”, but complied to our request and produced three straws.  All he saw, was a couple of old geezers with a 6 year old and I think he felt sorry for us.

Content with our treats, we parked the car and proceeded to indulge.  We discovered that inside our milkshake container was actually soft ice cream thus the reason we didn’t get straws.  We all had a good laugh.  There’s nothing funnier than laughing at our ignorant stupidity.  All along, I think Beckett knew we made a mistake but was too kind to say anything.  I hate to think this is going to be Beckett’s only memory of us.

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