Tony the Turtle

This is Tony the Turtle.  He became the property of my Grandson, Beckett, when we visited the souvenir shop at the Frank Slide in Alberta.  We thought he should have named him Frank but for some reason, Beckett was stuck on Tony.  

A week later his Papa and I took him to Cold Lake Air Show which included two overnight stays at the Pomeroy Hotel in Vermillion.  Of course, Tony came along.

The last morning of our visit, I remember seeing Tony wrapped up in Beckett’s arms as he still laid sleeping.  As the morning went on, we slowly packed our stuff and headed out.  Now, I’m one of those individuals that would tidy up my hotel room covering every nook and cranny and then leave a large tip for housekeeping.  We make a thorough examination by opening every drawer and looking under beds, twice to make sure nothing is left behind.  

It was evening when our daughter texted us and asked if we had Tony.  Our hearts fell to the ground.  I knew exactly where Tony was…left under the bedcovers.  I remember straightening the bed covers but because Tony is flat shaped I didn’t see him.   Flashes of Toy Story raced through my mind.  I envisioned little Tony being hauled into some “Lost and Found” box wondering where Beckett was.  I immediately emailed the hotel and explained my dilemma.  The next day, they responded by saying they have not found him but will continue the search.  During the few days that followed with no response, I came to the conclusion it was hopeless.  I contacted the Souvenir Shop at Frank Slide to see if they would send me another one.  They did not have anymore and wasn’t planning on restocking.  Performing a google search, I was able to find one at a toy store in Nanaimo BC.  $11.99 plus $20.00 shipping, I immediately and happily placed my order.

After about a week, I decided to make one last effort.  Instead of email, I verbally called the hotel and talked to Katie.  She indicated that it still hasn’t shown up.  However, instead of telling me they would contact me if he makes an appearance, she put me on hold.  A few minutes, later she responded, “I have your turtle.”  It was like I won the lottery!  We were so excited that in a fleeting moment Papa would fly to Vermillion and pick him up.  With a cost of $300.00, we came to our financial senses.

Papa made arrangements to have Tony picked up by Fed Ex with a hefty shipping cost of $33.00.  I started tracking the progress.  He was in Lloydminster, SK (only 3 hours away)…Whoo Hoo!   Then he was in Edmonton, AB (6 hours way)… what the???   Then he was in Brandon, MB (7 hours away)…does he not want to come home?

Three weeks later Tony was back in Beckett’s clutches and met his cousin “Tina” from Nanaimo.  As the Mastercard saying goes “Priceless” but it did come with a $65.00 price tag.

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