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  • Tony the Turtle

    This is Tony the Turtle.  He became the property of my Grandson, Beckett, when we visited the souvenir shop at the Frank Slide in Alberta.  We thought he should have named him Frank but for some reason, Beckett was stuck on Tony.   A week later his Papa and I took him to Cold Lake […]

  • A Bicyle Built For One, “Me”

    Over the years, bike riding was an “on-again, off-again” love affair.  My first bike was a gold CCM purchased at a hardware store next to the family restaurant.  It came in parts so I had to assemble it myself.  My 10-year old brain at that time, had to take guesses as to where everything went.  […]

  • Contentment

    On one of our day tours in Bali, the Besakih Temple was part of the itinerary.  To get to the main part of the Temple, a one mile walk was entailed.  During the walk back to the bus, my husband and I were given the opportunity to share a private conversation with Wayan, our tour […]

  • Joani’s Kitchen

    My current cooking interests are about par with ironing clothes.  I know I need to iron that cotton shirt before I can wear it.  However, I’ll look in my closet for something else to wear. If I serve baked beans as part of an evening meal.  I question whether I need to heat the beans […]

  • It’s Autumn

    Vancouver, BC October 22, 2010 11:36 AM PST Fall is my favourite time of year. The time of year to start over or do over.  As youngsters, a new school year begins.  It was going to be  the year that you were going to be a better person academically and socially.  You were given another […]

  • Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

    Moose Jaw, SK July 31, 2010  12:41 PM I miss these old-fashion signs.  Signs like these are pieces of art.  The curvy design, the color, the neon and the stars come together to bring you a really cool sculpture.

  • A Bright Fog

    Along the New Navy Base Road near West Humboldt. Eureka, CA. September 10, 2009  8:48 PM We had decided to explore Eureka and discovered this area which is on a little strip of land separated from Eureka by the Arcata Bay. The heavy fog had a brightness to it because the sun had not set.  […]

  • Denver Heat Reflections

    Denver, CO July 16, 2010 10:30AM It was a heat filled 37C temperature.  With the aide of concrete and glass, it was probably even hotter.  The glass tower reflected more than just the old brick architecture.   It reflected rays of light against a modern building.

  • Fireworks

    Fireworks Festival September 2, 2011 Our fascination with fireworks seems to be part of our human nature.

  • The Hoover Bypass

    The Hoover Dam, Outside of Las Vegas NV March 21, 2007 3:00 PM I am in awe of this structure.  To build a bridge across the depths of this canyon is mind boggling.  I have a hard enough time building a simple bridge with legos.  My place is behind the lens to capture these engineering […]