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  • That Perfect Moment

    Perfect moments are few and far between in our lives and when they do, you savour it and you replay it in your memory forever and ever. Picture this.  It’s late evening and you’re sitting on your patio or balcony.  A steaming cup of Capuccino alongside a piece of cheesecake is waiting to be consumed.  The […]

  • The Prosaic Traveller

    I invite all my followers to a new site which will capture sights I have seen in my travels. “theprosaictraveller” Thank you.

  • The Endurance Marathon

    Grand Central Station  (This was taken moments after getting off the shuttle) November 2, 2012 at 10:30 PM EST The cancellation of the New York Marathon due to Hurricane Sandy had become a test of endurance for us. The week leading up to the Marathon, we watched closely the damages and heartaches that were caused […]

  • Zone Out

    Madison Square Park, 8:00 PM New York City An evening walk in New York City to see the Flatiron Building led us to Madison Square Park.  We decided to take a break and sit on one of the many benches. The park was bustling with people.  Everyone was taking advantage of the beautiful evening with […]

  • A Little Tummy Ache

    In our youth we challenged the unknown adventures.  In some cases these were not our choice but expected in life, like the first day of school. Along the way, we are challenged with new adventures like learning to drive, learning to ride a bike, our first date, our first kiss, our first love, our first […]

  • Americano? or Espresso and Hot Water?

    New York, NY April 25, 2011  7:47 AM In search of the perfect cup of Americano.  A challenge we presented ourselves in our recent trip to Boston and New York. At home we indulge in our own version of the Americano.  First thing in the morning with my newspaper and another mid-afternoon with a tasty […]

  • Amber, The Happy Camper

    A recent camping trip made me revisit a memory which occurred in the year 1983. We had gone to Waskesui Lake for the annual family camping trip.  We acquired a campsite right next to the washroom facilities for a possible Amber bathroom emergency.  Amber, at the age of 3, was fully toilet trained but my […]

  • West Wind Aviation

    Saskatoon, SK October 6, 2010  7:43 PM I don’t have a story to tell about this picture.  I like the bright lights flowing out of an enormous hangar.  The darkness around produces a “Close Encounters” feeling.

  • Twin Towers

    New York City May, 2000 The Twin Towers standing tall and proud.  Little did we know back then that in just over a year later they would be attacked.  The destruction that it caused, not only physically to those buildings, but mentally and emotionally to the world. We all have visual memories and emotional memories. […]

  • Sausalito to San Francisco

    San Francisco September 6, 2009 6:00 PM   We rode our rented bikes from San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf to Sausalito over the Golden Gate Bridge.  The bike rentals included a free return trip to Fisherman’s Wharf using the Ferry service. There must have been over 200 bikes squeezed together like sardines.  I give the staff […]