A Little Tummy Ache

In our youth we challenged the unknown adventures.  In some cases these were not our choice but expected in life, like the first day of school.

Along the way, we are challenged with new adventures like learning to drive, learning to ride a bike, our first date, our first kiss, our first love, our first job, our first child,…

These challenges made our hearts beat a little faster, palms get sweaty and tummies may ache.

After this picture was taken, the girl in the red dress and matching handbag approached me.  She barely spoke any English but was able to communicate that she would like a picture of herself in front of the “Ferrara” shop.  She handed me her camera and struck a pose.  Now this pose is not what we would normally do…hands clasped together, staring straight into the camera, saying “cheese” (or in whatever language she spoke).  Her pose was a hand on the hip, an arm stretched to the sky with the palm facing up like she was holding a serving tray and the toes of one foot pointing straight down to the ground.  She would have gotten a job for the “Price is Right” in an instant.

I saw the excitement in her eyes.  She was experiencing life in a foreign land.   This new adventure may be making her heart beat a little faster, her palms may have been a bit sweaty and her tummy may have ached just a little bit.

What a wonderful feeling!

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